electric stage lifting chain hoist – HHB

We offer various turn-key models with specifications designed to meet the user’s particular applications such as Hook suspension, Electric Trolley model, Low Headroom type and so on. ZR CRANE main products: Electric Chain Hoist range from 300kg to 50ton.


  1. Electric motor partial outer cover

They are made of high strength aluminum system through compression casting formation.

Advantages: Solid structure and light weight/Fast release heat/Long service life/ Enclosed structure

Can be used in the chemical plants, electroplating factories, and various places.

  1. Side braking design

The masterly structure ensure the hoist absolutely safety when power is off in sudden. And ensures it is safe when overload. Also it combined  the motor braking  and the double brake system to strengthen security and durability.


  1. Gear

The gear made of alloy steel heat treated


  1. Anti-phase protector

Advantages: When power-supply wiring mistake, the control circuit is unable to move.

  1. Hooks

They are made by hot forging and heat treatment.

  1. Chain

It is made of FEC80 ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel.

Advantages: It is safely approximately when used in the rain water, the sea water, under the chemical and other bad conditions.

  1. ISO: M5 /FEM: 2AM

Insulation grade: F

  1. Protection class (hoist and push button): IP55
  2. Powder supply: 3 phase, 200-600v, 50 or 60 Hz
  3. Noise (single/ double speed): 81dB.

Stage special electric hoist can be used upside down, touring in strict accordance with the requirements of design and production, black lacquer surface treatment, light persistent; 380 v control circuit, shaping the heat treatment of steel chain plate, easy to operate, easy to maintain; With positive and negative two-way, which designs and all-weather use lifting 3 tons, which conforms to the equipped with adjustable screw limit switch, higher reliability

Stage hangs up to max 38 m electric hoist hoisting height minimum safety coefficient of design chain 5-1 galvanized processing, not easy to rust, lubrication oil in a gear box, prevent oil droplets to infiltrate stage, stage of hoist motor seal in aluminum rims cylindrical shell, permanent motor, suitable for connected with various controller and circuit distributor