aluminum lever hoist(0.5t-9t)

aluminum lever hoist(0.5t-9t)

·Rigid structure and high strength aluminum body guaranteed both strength and light weight.
·Two class speed control, able to make fine adjustment of lifting position.
·360° rotating handle make the operation easier.
·Total sealed and auto adjusted brake system keep the hoist work in safety and eliminate the impact.
·Slipping clutch overload protection is standard
·Hook was made by 35CrMo.
·Working temperature -40℃—+60℃
·Capacity from 500KG~9000KG
·High quality powder coating provide great corrosion proof.



Brake Efficiency:
Our 8 points pinion shaft increased the safety when break reaction for times
Overload Protection:
A slipping clutch overload protector will work when the load over limit, the clutch will slip and make the handle engaging gear box.By so, the further lift is not allowed to keep safety.
Pinion Gears build in one piece:
The gearboxes contain one piece pinion gears. This improve helps the gear use drop-foraging material and heat treatment service for better mechanical property