Single Girder KBK Crane

The KBK crane system was first brought to market by Demag German, it became popular in short time because of its modular design, quick install and remove, low dead weight and its enclosed rigid KBK track that eliminate the inside run trolley from dirt and dust in work shop for longer reliable service life.

  • KBK crane system are commonly made from cold rolled steel plate, the two pieces of KBK crane track are welded together on appropriative welding jigs to build the whole crane girder.
  • Before the two KBK crane track piece are welded, they will be send into the sand blasting machine to remove and oil and dirt on the surface from both inside and out side. When the welded KBK tracks are checked, the painting process should begin.
  • All KBK crane tracks are moved into spray-painting room to paint into orange or the client’s required color. After painting and 2 hours lay aside, the painted KBK track are moved into baking house for bright and tough surface of the painting. After 65 minutes in the baking house at temperature of 180℃. The KBK crane track is finished.
  • When packing the KBK crane track, long bolts and angle steel are used to fix the crane tracks in bundles and protect them from being crashed. The KBK crane tracks are packed in weight of 300kg to 2500kg based on client’s requirement.




Main features:

►Safe working load: 50kg-1000kg
►Girder length: 3m-8m
►Move girder by hand, light, quick, and convenient.
►Two runways could be arranged not to be parallel, if need
►Lifting or lowing goods at any position within the serving area
►More girders on the same runway is possible

Single-girder suspension cranes from the KBK classic construction kit enable you to achieve fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of goods.


Single girder KBK crane is build by KBK crane kits, to achieve easy and smooth material handling in workshop.

The single girder KBK can be fixed on roof or workshop structure, even in the corner of workshop. You can install the single girder KBK crane easily without additional supportings.

Thanks to the low deadweight of single girder KBK crane, the crane hoist and hook can easily be moved manually.

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