Independent research and development of science and technology, the most advanced production mode, focus on quality and innovation team, so that our products are durable, can safely to help you carry the goods.

GH crane committed to the quality, design and production of our products and processes in accordance with IEC, FEM, DIN standards, y, EN., ISO, 9001:2008 certification, the company meets the AEM – FEM standard product certification: CE, GOST-R, CSA, UDT, motor, IP55

Therefore GH uses the most advanced design technology and the most advanced production equipment and our principle is: all kinds of standard solution module. Design of flexible assembly. Strong competitiveness. Customer service maintenance and spare parts support is simple. The design team fully qualified has many years of service experience. Can be customized according to customer specific needs solving scheme. With the leading position of GH company in the manufacturing field of special crane

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